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All Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Transistors are available in one or more standard packages.

Type of packages:

DIP / DIL = Dual In Line Package.  Mostly through hole type package used to put on one side of the PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ) and solder on the opposite side of the PCB.

SIL / SIP = Single In Line Package.

PDIP = Plastic Dual In Line Package.

CDIP = Ceramic Dual In Line Package.

SO / SOIC  / SOP : Small-Outline Integrated Circuit

QIP / QIL = Quadraple In Line Package.

SMT = Surface Mount Technology package.  The IC is placed on the PCB and solder on the track of same side of the PCB. SOJ , SOIC , LQFP, QFN, MLF, QFP, MQFP are some variants of SMT ICs, having various types pin outs.


LQFP = Low-profile Quad Flat-Package is SMT IC.


TQFP = Thin Quad Flat-Package (having leads) is SMT IC.


TQFN = Thin Quad Flat No-lead


PLCC = Plastic Leaded Chip-Carrier


CLCC = Ceramic Leadless Chip-Carrier


QFN/MLF = Quad flat No-leads package. Also called as Micro Lead Frame.


QFP = Quad Flat Package.


MQFP = Metric Quad Flat Package.


TO-220 = Through-hole plastic package with three leads attached with a metal heat sink tab with hole on top.


SOT-23 / SOT-223 = Small Outline Transistor Package is SMT IC, having three pin-outs.

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