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The Power Tools necessary for Make-at-Home projects are listed below with comment as Basic or Important or Optional keyword, which means that,

BASIC : very much required and affordable

IMPORTANT : having this tool is advantageous

OPTIONAL : may be purchased later


For programming of micro-controllers (like AVR, Arduino, PIC etc.), Make-at_home projects of Simple Mechatronics and some data analysis, a computer is required. A laptop or desktop with a minimum configuration, which works on windows 7 OS (or equivalent) is minimum required.  Also, having internet access is advantageous to get useful data about any component or details or circuits quickly.  For most of the gadgets and programmers, USB is essential. (IMPORTANT)


A soldering iron is very important tool used in electronics.  You should have about 25W (or more) capacity soldering iron for the Make-at-Home projects available at Simple Mechatronics.  A littile practice is required for making good soldering joint. An automatic temperature controlled soldering iron is better option, once you become expert.(BASIC)


One of the important accessory for soldering is stand for the soldering iron, which holds the hot soldering iron.  The soldering stand makes convenience while soldering, due to its angle and improves safety by avoiding accidental placing of hot soldering iron.(BASIC)

Soldering lead, which is used to join the leads of electronic components with or without PCB, is available in wire form.  Now-a-days, the soldering flux is included with soldering lead wire, which makes convenience, while soldering.(BASIC)

Soldering flux (also called soldering paste) is also important, which is applied to the soldering surfaces, before soldering, to remove impurities (as slag) while soldering and makes it sound soldering joint.(BASIC)

Wet Sponge is required to clean the tip of the soldering iron, which is normally get oxidized in hot condition and acts as resistance for heat transfer.  So, the soldering tip has to be cleaned with wet sponge before starting a soldering work.(BASIC)

Focus Light is advantageous, while soldering, to have good soldering joint.  The errors while soldering connections are easily identified, using a focus light.(IMPORTANT)


Since, fumes generated, while soldering, is not good for health, a small Fumes removing fan is suggested to use.(IMPORTANT)

(VIDEO : How to make a small fumes removing fan with Focus Light : Simple and economical Make-at-Home project)


Some times de-soldering is required to remove damaged or wrongly soldered electronic component.  To de-solder the component, the following de-soldering accessories may be required.

A de-soldering pump, which is manually operated, sucks the molten soldering lead by vaccum, when the soldering lead is heated by the soldering iron.  The de-soldering pump is convenient for removing each lead of electronic component one-by-one. (IMPORTANT)

A de-soldering wick, is a copper wire mesh, available in a roll.  The molten soldering lead sticks to the wick, when the soldering lead is heated by the soldering iron.  The de-soldering wick is convenient for removing one or more leads of electronic component at a time. (IMPORTANT)



A PCB power drill works on a DC motor, with a small chuck attachment to hole small size drill bits.  With this drilling machine, small holes may be made in PCBs for electonic component leads.  It is also useful to increase the size of a hole, if required.(IMPORTANT)



The Hot glue guns are useful to quick setting of circuit boards, for making small cabinets etc., by heating and melting plastic adhesive.  Due to insulation property of the melting glue stick, which melts at easily using the hot glue gun, it is widely used in electronics projects. The glue is sufficiently strong and fix the boards quickly.

The melting glue stick (consumable) is easily available and affordable. (IMPORTANT)



An electrical power operated hand drilling is very much useful to make holes on sheet metals, wood, hi-lam sheets etc.  

About 500W hand drilling machine with (upto) 13mm drill bit holding capacity (chuck size) is preferred.  

Drill bits (HSS) ranging from 2.7mm to 6mm are highly used, where as above 6mm to 13 mm are rarely used. (IMPORTANT)



Now-a-days various attachments are available for drilling machine.  Some of the attachments are very useful.  Some attachment sets are show below, for making bigger holes and cutting small rectangular slots in wood or plastic or hi-lam sheets etc. (OPTIONAL)



The Angle grinders are useful to cut sheet metal, hi-lam, plywood, wood etc., comfortably.  With various attachments to Angle grinder, you may cut, grind, remove rust, smoothen a surface, sharpen blades or screw driver tips  or scissors etc.


To use Angle grinder, a little expertise is required and should be used with all safety precautions.(OPTIONAL)



To cut wood, plywood, hi-lam sheets etc., accurately and to exact size, a wood power saw is useful.  The wood power saw makes the wood joints also easy.  A wood cutting power saw is required only if, the projects are more dependent on wood working. (OPTIONAL)

Tell me and I forget.        Teach me and I remember.         Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

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