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Sanitizing Machine

(Simple & Economical)


In the Coronavirus pandemic time, an automatic, touch free, simple and economical Sanitzing Machine is need of the hour.  Simple and easily available items are used for the project.  The size of the container may be selected as per individual's requirement.  The circuit board is fitted on the top of the container's lid in horizontal position, but, may change to vertical position as required.

The project uses two main components, i.e., IR sensor module and mini dc motor pump.

When the IR sensor module finds any obstacle (assume your hand), a signal is generated from the OUT pin, which is indicated by an LED on the module.  The Signal is amplified using a transistor 2N2222 and drives the motor pump to eject the liquid sanitizer from its outlet.  A suitable jet or splash arrangement may be made at the tip of outlet for effective cleaning of your hands.

The simple full circuit diagram is available here:



Initially, functioning of the IR sensor using 5VDC and motor pump using 9VDC.  The 5V regulated DC voltage may be obtained using IC 7805 as shown in the circuit.  The trimpot on the IR module may be adjusted, such that, the sensor shown maximum sensitivity towards object in front of it. Then assemble the components as per the circuit diagram on a small PCB.  Now, test that the motor is responding properly to the obstruction (your hand).

Select a suitable container and required direction (horizontal / vertical) to fit the circuit board.  Now, pour the liquid sanitizer in to the container and adjust the nozzle as per requirement.  Your Sanitizing Machine is ready to use.  Selection of container and arrangement of nozzle depends on your creativity and amount you want to spend on the project.

The power supply for the circuit may be connected to 9V battery or 7.4V Li-Ion battery or LiPo battery or 9V DC adapter from mains.

Be Safe & ENJOY.

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