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Smart All in 1 Desktop Power Supply

The Smart All in One Desktop Power Supply is a dream project of an electronics hobbyist and also useful for the persons, who repairs electronic gadgets.


The following features are available with the Smart All-in-1 Desktop Power supply:

1) + and -  3V 5V 8V 12V 15V Fixed DC supply

2) + and -  30V Variable/Adjustable DC supply

3) + and -  50V DC voltmeter and 5A ammeter

4) USB Port power supply (5VDC) for Arduino projects

5) ZENER METER for knowking actual voltage drop against zener or diodes

6) Continuity Meter to check wires, diodes, LEDs etc.,

7) AC mains power supply socket and control switch

8) TRIAC controlled AC power supply

9) Convenient Soldering Stand placement

10) Flexible Focus light using 12VDC LED strip

11) Magnet placing for holding small screws etc.

12) Top flat space for keeping Multimeter and project items

13) Bottom slot for keeping frequently used items, like soldering related items etc.

The project uses multiple modules in one cabinet.  Each module is explained separately in the website and the links for modules are available at the end of the page.

The connections and usage of the modules are shown and explained as separate circuit diagrams.


Refer circuit diagrams used in the project:

The A.C. mains wiring is one of the main circuit shown here.  All the modules will receive power from mains. 


Here, two AC power sockets are provided. Power for one socket is controlled directly through a switch and another socket is through a switch and a Triac (BTA41) circuit.

LED indicators are provided each switch control to know the status of switch and output AC power at AC power sockets.


A transformer having dual outputs (24VAC-0-24VAC and 0-12VAC , 5A max.) is used for this project.

Separate bridge rectifiers and filter capacitors are used for the dual outputs to get -35V, +35v and +17V D.C. outputs (when no load condition).

Dual Variable DC output module and combined Voltmeter and Ammeter Module are used in the project, which are very useful to get positive and negative variable power supplies and the Voltage and Current values may be known instantly.


A stepped D.C. power supply module is used to have -15V, -12V, -8V, -5V, -3V, +3V, +5V, +8V, +12V and +15V.

LM337 and LM317 circuits are used as prefix to reduce the incoming voltage from 35V to 20V for both positive and negative volages.

The rectfied 17V is used for power supply to Zener Meter, USB power supply (+5V, useful for Arduino boards), a 12V LED strip light (flexible focus light) and for simple continuity tester.

The Voltmeter-cum-Battery Monitor module is changed as Zener meter, by changing the maximum voltage reading value from 50V to 25V in the code.  So, when the voltage is read from the +35VDC through 12K resistor, it displays squares.  When an LED or diode or Zener (with reverse polarity) is connected across its terminals, the voltage drop across the component is displayed.


For source codes (in C-language) for any or all modules , please send message through contact formThe code will be sent to your e-mail.

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