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Hello Friend(s),

So, you want to learn electronics and make your own projects. 

Then HEARTY WELCOME to Simple Mechatronics.

Click the buttons, to have basic idea about the TOOLS and INSTRUMENTS required for Make-at-Home projects.

For Start learning, practicing and doing Make-at-Home Projects, please remember the following points:

1) Don't be in hurry to learn and master instantly.  But learn step-by-step.

2) If, you can't understand any topic, just wait and try to understand, then skip for next topic.  Still you have problem, you may contact at

3) Use proper tools and instruments for Make-at-Home projects.

4) Inserting or Removing a component of a power connected circuit may damage component(s).  Better to remove power supply, while changing components.

5) Be cautious and take safety measures, while working with high voltages and circuits connected to mains voltages.

ROME was not built in a DAY.

- (a French proverb)

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